We are pleased to announce the availability of the RSoft™ Photonic Component Design Suite version 2018.03, which includes the following updates:

Major enhancements to the S-Matrix/PDK Generation Utility, which automates the creation of custom process design kit (PDK) models to create a new PDK, augment an existing PDK, or generate IP. The PDK models can also be simulated in Synopsys’ OptSim™ Circuit and exported to a circuit layout tool such as PhoeniX OptoDesigner.

Enhanced support for all silicon photonics applications, with improved incomplete ionization and free-carrier dependent index/absorption of silicon in LaserMOD™. That includes also, new 3D wide-angle BPM algorithms, further extending BeamPROP’s capabilities to simulate structures in silicon or other high-index contrast materials and an improvements to FullWAVE modeling of dispersive materials, including automatic optimized fitting of materials and an approximately 30% speed improvement in the FDTD algorithm.

Please contact us for more details about these and other updates included in the release, please contact sales@lighttec.eu.com or by phone +33 494 12 18 48.