Our optical engineering team is made of 5 high-skilled optical engineers, completely operational on software LightTools, CODE V and LucidShape.

They will help you to create your optical system and will handle your project from the specifications until the delivery of the complete project.


  • Benefit from our expertise: our team has a cumulated experience of 70 years and has designed more than 300 projects for lighting, automotive, medical and solar applications. More than 100 projects are in production.
  • Optimized and cost-effective solutions: thanks to our optical engineers, we can provide low delivery time for a fast time-to-market.
  • A full design process: from the table of specifications to the prototype (virtual or PMMA), Light Tec can provide you multi services.
  • Save time & money: outsourcing the competency give you more time, money and flexibility.
  • Trust: NDA (from Light Tec or customers) can be signed.
  • Quality: after the years, Light Tec worked – and still does – with big groups who can prove the quality of our service.


We can develop for you quantity of display used for consumer, automotive, telephony, electronics, medical, aeronautics and in many other areas. LCD, backlit displays and commercial screens are the main display applications.

We can develop your lighting systems using traditional lamps or new LEDs. We do have expertise in fields such as general lighting, street lighting, medical ligthing, airport lighting and more.

From advanced stray light reduction in space programs to glare control in vision system, our team will help you to see the right signal. To give you a better idea, here are some examples: displays, optics-enabled wearables, segmented aperture telescopes and unobscured reflective systems or more.

By education, lens design is our first job: MTF, aberrations reduction, or just a nice image, we will help you to find the best design costing you the less. We can design focal, lenses, zooms and from the simple to the most complex optical system.


Light Tec was asked to design a smart luminaire.

This luminaire should be able to provide a downlight control of light and color in 84 different downward directions and an uplight control of light and color in 8 different upward sections.

A first design was done for downlight system being able to light on and off with different colors all space divided into 84 sections.

A second design was then optimized for an uplight system providing light and color control in 8 different sections.


Light Tec was asked for a night vision Helmet mounted display design.

An athermalized design was done and some tolerances analysis were taken into account while designing.

Fast prototyping

5 days delivery for your PMMA prototype at a very affordable price.