Light Tec is pleased to announce that we now have a new clean room in our Photometric Laboratory.  

The photometric laboratory is classified ISO 8 (Class 100,000), and the environment inside the Clean Room which was installed in the Laboratory is classified ISO 5 (Class 100) according to the 14644-1:2015 (F) cleanroom standards. Protective clothing (overshoes, hairnet, gown) are used by the personnel inside the clean room.

The equipment is dedicated to the High Specular Bench. Indeed, the rotating platform of the Bench where the sample will be placed is located inside the clean room. So, this will allow us to measure BSDF samples in the cleanest possible environment.

The clean room was painted in black in order to reduce stray light in the visible range. A laser blocking curtain will be added on the internal walls of the room to absorb light, and so reduce stray light.

Out of the clean room, protective panels have also been installed to reduce stray light.

The contamination of samples could cause major damage of optical systems and decrease their performance, especially for materials in the space industry. Therefore, it is necessary to keep samples in a controlled environment. The Photometric Laboratory has already been controlled in temperature (20 ± 1°C) and humidity (<50% RH). In addition to that, the clean room allow us to keep under control the number of particles in the air. 

So, we are now able to characterize samples manufactured in a critical environment.

Applications related to the high specular bench are:

  • Highly polished mirrors and optics which have very low scattering such as 10-9 sr-1.
  • Baffles (edge scattering) or structure.
  • The characterization of gratings.

Please feel free to contact our sales department to get more information or a quotation from our measurement service.

Photometric Laboratory

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