Light Tec engineering team is pleased to introduce Mini-Diff VPro . This brand new BSDF instrument is a complete new 3D scattered light measurements solution and is the laboratory version of the current Mini-Diff V2.

Mini-Diff VpPro optical instrument

Who is this for ?

Mini-Diff VPro is a compact and easy-to-use optical system, camera based, for scattering characterization: measure the BRDF & BTDF of any kind of materials and objects.

The Mini-Diff VPro allows to measure the luminous energy distribution scattered by materials  …

You can use in various activities like:

  • Lightning
  • Automotive
  • Augmented Reality
  • Display
  • Random control during production
  • Material Characterization for many incident angles
  • TIS measurements

For More Information

For complete details about the Mini-Diff VPro, please contact us

You can also discover The instrument on this page : Mini-Diff VPro