Light Tec engineering team is pleased to introduce Mini-Diff Version 2, which is more than an update, but a complete new product replacing our popular 2D/3D scattered light measurements Mini-Diff V1, introduced already 5 years ago.

Compact and portable, this optical system is a revolution with its easy and fast way to characterize materials.

Whom is this for?

Mini-Diff V2 is a compact and portable optical system for scattering characterization: it can measure the BRDF & BTDF of any kind of material and object.

Mini-Diff V2 is designed for anyone who would like to measure the luminous energy distribution and consequently characterizes surfaces of examined regions such as roughness, defects, as well as types of coatings, paintings and more …

You can use it in various applications like:

  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Augmented Reality
  • Display

How does it work?

 From the Plug & Play functionality to the technical specifications, Mini-Diff V2 is a great device which allows you to save time and money thanks to the ease to measure and the quality of the results. If you often need to measure samples or surfaces outside the office, Mini-Diff V2 is still the best solution for you!

Brand new improvements

Mini-Diff V2 is the second version of the instrument including new improvements:

  • Measurements of BSDF for green and blue, on top of red, so giving now RGB data.
  • BTDF data for 4 Incident Angles ( 0°/20°/40°/60°) , same as for the BRDF data
  • Dynamic range has been improved by X10 , increased to 105, allowing to hold the calibration for a longer time and to get more accurate TIS measurement, for Red, Green, and Blue
  • Colorimetric data: Lab or u’v’

BSDF Measurement Breakdown:

BRDF is measured for 4 angles of incidence (AOI): 0°, 20°, 40° and 60°.
BTDF is measured for 4 angles of incidence (AOI): 0°, 20°, 40° and 60

You can find more technical information in our brochure : Mini-Diff v2

The Mini-Diff V2 is really easy to use. A measurement takes less than 3 minutes*: 

  1. Plug the Mini-Diff to a computer
  2. Launch the Mini-Diff software on the computer
  3. Calibrate the instrument with the calibration standards
  4. Measure your material
  5. Analyze the result with the software
  6. Export the data for external use or post processing

Measurements can be exported to those following format:
ASTM (text) / LightTools ® native / TracePro ® native / Zemax® native/ Slice Format (intensity) / Gaussian & Lambertian / ABg Harvey Shack models

Measurements can be imported into other commercial optical software: Optis/SPEOS, RELUX , using fit data (Gaussian & Lambertian / ABg Harvey Shack models)
Mini-Diff V2 is delivered with its own suitcase which includes the calibration standards, the software, the notice and the cables.

The software has been upgraded to provide a more intuitive interface and we have added new software functions like a colorimetric viewing space and a sectional view for your 3D models.


You can see some examples of measures and applications with our Mini-Diff V2 here.

Also, you can download the Evaluation package with all the examples such as reflectors, diffusers and paints.

Want more information?

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