Light Tec engineering team is pleased to introduce Mini-Diff V2 Infrared version, a 3D scattered light solution, based on current Mini-Diff V2 instrument.

This iteration allows you to make measurements at 940 nm.

What is it?

Mini-Diff V2 IR is a compact and easy-to-use optical, camera based system, for scattering characterization. It measures the BRDF & BTDF of any kind of materials and objects at 940 nm. Measurements are done in less than 30 seconds for each incident angle.

Who is this for?

It is for all optical designers using illumination design software to develop sensors working in the near infrared. Typical applications are:

  • Range finder for autonomous cars
  • IR sensors for 3D TV
  • Augmented Reality
  • Material characterization for LIDAR

For More Information:

For more details about the Mini-Diff V2 IR, please contact us

Or check our webpage: Mini-Diff V2 IR, and our video here : Mini-Diff V2 Video

RGB and 850 nm versions are also available