Light guide on headlamp, LightTools Light Guide DesignerLight guide has been a growing area of importance in the automotive market particularly in application areas such as Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs), turn indicators, position indicators and interior ambient lighting. Such light guides are typically long and thin, and have a light source at one end or both ends. As light source LED’s are used typically.


Light Tools Guide DesignerThe main challenge for the illumination design engineer is to design the light guide in a way to extract the light in directions roughly orthogonal to the light guide surface while maintaining automotive regulations. Moreover, the light appearance has to look aesthetic including a uniform spatial distribution, a pleasing light guide shape design and a distinctive brand recognition.

The Light Guide Designer helps you create and optimize light guide systems for spatial uniformity of flux extraction (within a specified cone angle) and for angular centroid pointing direction. It can make light guides, add prism extractors created using 3D textures, and add receivers, sources, and reflectors, as well as other items needed for designing light guide systems. Furthermore, the Light Guide Designer allows the user to visualize the lid appearance of the created light guide in various viewing directions including the analyzation of spatial uniformity and intensity distribution.

Finally, the created and optimized light guide system can be exported in diverse CAD file formats to prepare it for production.


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LightTools Guide Designer example