We are pleased to announce that LightTools 8.6 RC is now available. This release features the following major enhancements, along with other improvements:

  • New LightTools Tolerance Manager
  • Windows 10 and high DPI monitor support
  • Ray data source support for backward simulations
  • Improvement for declaring optical contact
  • NURBS and interpolated curves added to the 2D Objects tools palette
  • CATIA V5 Installation Change and Support for R26

The LightTools 8.6 RC is a fully tested early version that we are making available to customers who would like to begin using its new capabilities now. If you encounter any issues with this release candidate, we encourage you to report them to us. Critical issues discovered during the release candidate period will be addressed in the final version of LightTools 8.6, scheduled to be released in a few months.

For additional details about the content of the LightTools 8.6 RC, please contact sales@lighttec.eu.com or by phone +33 494 12 18 48.